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Client Recommendations

Recommendations for Sharon Caton Armstrong 
General Partner, Plans & More, LLP

Randall Arendt, MPhil., Greener ProspectsUrban Design and Regional Planning 
“I have enjoyed working with Sharon because she has demonstrated a lot of interest in helping her clients discover new and better ways to develop land, in a manner that is both environmentally very responsible but also economical and financially beneficial. I would strongly recommend her to both the public and private sectors for excellent technical assistance.”

Tom Cullen P.E., Cheatham County Planning Commissioner
I worked closely with Sharon Caton for several years starting near the end of 2005 as a member of the Cheatham County, TN, Planning Commission. She was and is very knowledgeable of community planning and zoning rules and regulations. She was always sharp, focused and ready, when requested, to give her opinion as to the appropriate disposition of issues which came before the commission. She assisted applicants in understanding the relevant rules involving zoning issues, subdivision regulations, planning concerns and floodplain interpretations. She worked with the Consulting Engineers retained by the County to assure consistency in the development and interpretation of relevant rules and regulations. I highly recommend Ms. Caton and her company,Plans and More LLP, to assist you with rules interpretation, community planning and governmental interface issues.

Larry Craig, Kingston Springs, TN City Attorney/Solo Practice, Larry D. Craig
“Sharon provided planning services to my client in a professional manner, utilizing her knowledge and skill. Moreover, she always was responsive to questions and was timely with her work product.”

Laurie Cooper, City Manager Kingston Springs, TN
“Sharon Caton and her associates have an incredible knowledge of planning, related local, state and federal regulations, & flood plain management. They are resourceful and reliable and are VERY professional with a confident yet comfortable style. It's been great working with them over the years!” Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity. Hired Sharon for Planning Services in 2005, and hired Sharon more than once

Pete Hiett, P.E., TN Department of Transportation 
“As a member of the Kingston Springs, Tennessee Planning Commission, I depended on her expertise and experience as a planner greatly to help guide the Commission of many important issues and matters. She was very knowledgeable on all subjects and gave forthright and honest advice on the direction the Commission ought to take regarding immediate and long range challenges.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Hired Sharon as a Planning Consultant in 2007

George Dean, Partner, Parker Lawrence Cantrell & Dean 
“Sharon Caton is an excellent planner, with comprehensive experience in the areas of urban planning, zoning, and land use. I have worked with her on several matters over the years and always found her to be highly competent, well-prepared, and extremely knowledgeable. She is always willing to assist and has always been willing to work closely on legal matters, such as preparing a case for trial, or special assistance on technical land use issues to be presented by motion to a court. She is highly recommended.”

Jason Morelock, Project Manager, Perry Engineering, LLC
“Sharon was a great help in working with the Town of Kingston Springs on a recent project. Sharon responds in a timely manner and will try to move a project forward while still keeping the interests of the town/city in mind.”

Larry Nash, Resource Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District
“Sharon is a very professional planner who is detail oriented and produces quality results. She is extremely knowledgeable in flood plain management and zoning requirements for residential and commercial developments. I was a member of the Cheatham County Planning Board and Board of Zoning Appeals when Ms. Caton provided timely, accurate and complete analysis of proposals brought to the county boards. She is articulate, effective and concise in her analytical approach to issues.”

John Werne, Architect, Cheatham County, TN Planning Commissioner
“Sharon was a valuable aid to the Planning Commission presenting information professionally and precisely.”

Ron Wilkinson, Owner/Partner, VantagePointe Investments, LLC
“Having over 25 years experience developing in more than 10 states across the south I have worked with numerous planning specialists. I have participated in 100’s of Planning board meetings, City Council meetings and 2 Charette’s. Working with Ms. Caton has been a pleasure; she is interested in helping her clients, the community and has an incredible knowledge of the local codes. She applies her knowledge with a view of common sense and practicality that helps the community and developer work in concert to achieve success and quality growth. Her practical views allow for a very beneficial and financially viable development, goals that both the private and public sectors have in common. I would strongly recommend Sharon from a private developer view point and believe the public sectors would benefit from her excellent grasp of the technical aspect of meshing codes with sound planning advice.” Ron Wilkinson, is the Managing Partner of VantagePointe Investment and VantagePointe Homes, developers of Multifamily housing including Class “A” apartments and Assisted Living Communities.

Ken Baker, Senior Vice President, Gresham, Smith and Partners 
“I had an opportunity to work with Sharon as a member of the Kingston Springs Planning Commission. I found Sharon to be extremely well versed and knowledgeable of local, regional, and state planning. Sharon was an integral part of the City's planning efforts as she provided consultation and guidance to the Commission on developing and interpretation of planning documents, codes, and regulations.” March 1, 2011
Recommendations for Alan M. (Mike) Armstrong 
General Partner, Plans & More, LLP 

Vickie Bumgardner, Building Official, Coopertown, TN 
Letter of Recommendation for Floodplain Management Package, Floodplain Management Consulting Services, and Training. 

Jeremy Holley, Deputy Floodplain Administrator, EMA Giles County, TN 
Letter of Recommendation for Floodplain Management Package, Floodplain Management Consulting Services, and Training. 

Laurie Cooper, Former City Manager Kingston Springs, TN 
Letter of Recommendation for Floodplain Management Package, Floodplain Management Consulting Services, and Training. 

George Dean, Tune, Entrekin, & White
“Mike Armstrong is a dedicated codes compliance consultant, having worked in county codes enforcement, and understands its issues and challenges. He is knowledgeable concerning codes enforcement issues, especially floodplain management issues (he is a certified floodplain manager), and is always working to find a way to improve construction practices and assist contractor compliance. Codes compliance is often a difficult job, but Mike recognizes the importance of the process and that appropriate codes enforcement in the long run increases safety in our built environment. In addition, he’s always willing to discuss, explain and teach about floodplain management and codes requirements.” 

Ranko Pudar, PE, CFM, Founder and Principal, Pudar Mitigation Consulting, Inc.
“Mike Armstrong has done an outstanding job as Chair of the Tennessee Association of Floodplain Management (TNAFPM). He is an effective leader and coordinator and is greatly responsible for Tennessee having its State Association. He is a knowledgeable floodplain manager of high personal and professional integrity. During the summer of 2010, Mike worked diligently on organizing the TNAFPM conference and involving FEMA in the process of educating local floodplain managers and building officials from the communities impacted by recent flooding.” 

Bill Terhune, Logistics Specialist, Naval Air Systems Command 
"Personally knew Mike while serving the U.S. Marine Corps. Mike and I ran different sections in the same squadron. Mike is a true professional in his work and always provides a 110%. Received outstanding marks for his ability to lead his Marines in their duties. If I was running a corporation and needed a person, Mike would be my man. Trustworthy, dedicated, can be relied on to complete any assignment, once he has been properly briefed and trained for the position. Mike is not afraid to apply himself. He is well spoken and expresses his position directly, both orally and written. 
Enthusiastically recommend Mike for whatever position he may be seeking.”