Plans & More, LLP provides numerous floodplain and planning services to the public and private sector. Our services list below provides a brief description of each. For a more detailed description, click on the product you are interested in under our products/services tab at the top of the page, or use the contact us tab above to get in touch.

  • Local Government and Community Training Programs and Resources:  We provide training and resources to local governments and communities in all of our areas of expertise. We offer pre-existing packages, but we also offer flexible, customization learning solutions and love to work with clients to create a program just for them. We can training in person, online, or via pre-made materials and would love to work with your community to meet your educational needs.
  • Local Government Floodplain Management Package© : A Local Government process for Floodplain Management designed to supplement existing practices or serve as a stand alone product from ordinance to project completion. The package is available with or without training protocols. The More Details link provides additional information. For more information contact Mike Armstrong: 
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning Services: We offer Pre-Disaster and Hazard Mitigation Planning Services for Local Governments in compliance with State and FEMA requirements. Our innovative, collaborative process produces a superior plan for your disaster resilient community. Visit the Hazard Mitigation page for more information.
  • Comprehensive Planning Products & Services: Plans & More, LLP offers a wide variety of planning services to local, state, and regional governments. Our staff possesses innovation, planning experience, and research skill to serve the unique needs of your community project. For more information, click on Comprehensive Planning Services under products/services at the top of the page or contact us.
  • Development Project Consultation: We offer Planning services for developers and property owners from project inception to completion. Site Plan,Preliminary and Final Plat Review, Concept Review, PUD Development, Open Conservation Development, and Mixed Use - Mixed Density planning and review services are available. 
  • Storm Water Management Services: We offer Storm Water Management Planning Services for Local Governments in compliance with EPA, State, and Local Government requirements. Our innovative, collaborative process produces an integrated, innovative Storm Water Management Plan, Ordinances, Codes, and Implementation Strategy for your community. Visit the Storm Water Management page for more information.