Comprehensive Planning Services

Comprehensive Plan Update Services:
A Comprehensive Plan focuses attention on the major issues and concerns of a community establishing a basis for discussion and resolution. Its value lies in the process of preparing the plan with community input and support to inform future development activities. 

Plans & More, LLP staff facilitated multiple Comprehensive Plans using an innovative, broad community stakeholder process based on the goals, objectives and priorities of local governments (Comprehensive Plan Example 1), (Comprehensive Plan Example 2) and (Comprehensive Plan Example 3)

Comprehensive Plans incorporate Quality Growth principles, innovation, community participation, technical expertise, and flexibility. Components of the plan are the Community Assessment, Community Goals and Objectives, and Community Agenda. Completed plans are living documents and the foundation for a continuous community-based process to guide public and private decision-making.

Hazard Mitigation Planning Services
Plans & More, LLP offers expertise, & planning experience to provide your community with complete and comprehensive Pre-Disaster and Hazard Mitigation Plans, in full compliance with State and Federal Regulations. 

Our team specializes in hazard mitigation consulting, plan preparation, mitigation projects, and program management. Most recently we prepared the Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plans for Heard and Clayton Counties in Georgia and Cannon, Jackson, Sequatchie, and Van Buren Counties in Tennessee. Each plan included Natural and Technological Risks, were approved by GEMA or TEMA and FEMA and adopted by the respective communities. 

In 2012, were selected to prepare the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan Update for Heard County and the Hazard Mitigation Plan Update for Augusta-Richmond County in Georgia. The Plans were approved by GEMA and FEMA and adopted by the respective communities.

Project Development Planning Services:
Local Government Development project review to determine compliance with your Zoning, Subdivision, Environmental, Infrastructure, and Community Plan regulations & guidelines. 

Local Government services including Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance draft and revision, overlay districts (Zoning Example), Land Use plans, Planning Commission and Board training and presentations. 

Property Owner and Developer services including project consultation and project review to determine local, state, and federal compliance. Plat, Site, Master Plan, PUD, Infrastructure, and Transportation plan and project review.

Low Impact Development:
LID is simple & effective. LID integrates greenspace, native landscaping, natural hydrologic functions, and BMP strategies to reduce development runoff. We use LID BMPs, Standards, and 
practices in advising clients we serve, a practice that: 
  1. Minimizes land disturbance 
  2. Preserves & recreates natural landscape features 
  3. Reduces impervious cover 
  4. Increases hydrologic disconnects 
  5. Increases drainage flow paths 
  6. Enhances off-line storage 
  7. Facilitates detention & infiltration opportunities 
  8. reduces maintenance & installation costs