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Ordinance and Code Services:
We offer Planning, Zoning, Subdivision, Environmental, Floodplain Management, Training, Public Outreach and Education Services to public and private entities custom tailored to the needs of our Local Government and Private clients.

Beginning with your Existing Ordinances to meet Federal, State, and Local government requirements, the draft Ordinance Modules will be modified to fit the unique environs and regulatory requirements of your community and the goals and objectives of federal, state, and local planning initiatives.

The Ordinance Examples below were drafted, reviewed by Local Government and legal counsel, adopted after Public Hearings, and implemented in the states of Tennessee and Georgia. Sharon Caton participated in the creation, review, and approval of the GA Model Code. Other Ordinances listed were drafted by Ms. Caton, reviewed and adopted by local governments she served.

Stormwater Ordinances:
City of Waycross Stormwater Ordinance

Georgia Model Code 

Stream Buffer Ordinance:
Ashland City Land Disturbing Activity Ordinance

Tree Protection Ordinance:
City of Fargo Tree Protection Ordinance

Water Supply Reservoir Buffer Ordinance:
Argyle Water Supply Protection Ordinance

Watershed and River Buffer Ordinances:
Clinch County River Buffer Ordinance
Suwannoochee Creek Watershed Overlay

Wetlands Ordinance:
City of Douglas Wetlands Ordinance
City of Argyle Wetlands Ordinance

Floodplain Ordinances:
Ashland City, TN
Kingston Springs, TN
City of Douglas, GA

Georgia Model Code

Open Space Subdivision Regulations:
Cheatham County, TN

Steep Slope Ordinance:
Georgia Model Code
Ashland City Steep Slope Ordinance

District Overlay Ordinances:
District overlays within Zoning Ordinances or Subdivision Regulations are traditional methods used to protect land areas. Stand alone Ordinances Overlays created with a legal description and a parcel map are also effective.

Below are links to District Overlay projects written by our
staff planner, adopted by local governments, and implemented
in rural areas.
C-5 Zoning District and Exit 31 Development Plan
Ashland City Commercial Pud Overlay District
Hazzard Hill Urban Revitalization Area

Blackberry Ridge PUD Development Plan

Overlay Districts are collaborative, flexible, and manageable at the local government level. Regulations include reasonable development rights and design standards.

Below are links to explore with examples, presentations, and other media our firm has used successfully in our education and outreach activities.
Explore the links below for examples:
City Code Presentation Public & Contractor Forum
Introducing the Model Code
Implementation of the Model Code
Rapid Watershed Implementation
Open Space Conservation Subdivisions

Administrative - Public Training and Outreach:
Administrative forms, documents, and applications are the method communities use to review development requests.

These processes affect the property owner, builder, and professional technician working on the site and interacting with local government, state, and federal entities.

Review, approval, and inspection of plans, site work, and construction are the final element in the application of Ordinances adopted. Administrative techniques vary with local government requirements and capabilities. Below are examples of methods created by our staff for local governments: